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Toyota Racing Series

Toyota Racing Series

Toyota Racing Series

MSEL has been involved with the Toyota Racing Series, New Zealand's premier "open-wheeler" motorsport category, since its inception in 2005.

Our vast amount of expertise and experience in the industry has helped us provide the series with the following:

  • Supply and calibrate (tune) engine management systems, including gearbox paddle-shift control, supplying sensors etc.
  • Supply and set up power distribution systems (PDM).
  • Quality-control and post-season wiring loom integrity checks on Cirrus Solutions high-potential loom tester.
  • Designing and manufacturing wiring looms.
  • Develop custom ECU firmware for CAN integration, bespoke strategies for boost and gearshift control.
  • Heavily involved in engine development programs.
  • Trackside technical support for engine and electronics systems throughout the racing season and during off-season testing, including data analysis, engine reliability and performance checks.

We have also been part of the Toyota 86 (TR86) series since 2013. And provide the series with the following:

  • Supply, install and setup of Motec dashes, including changes to override factory traction and stability control systems.
  • Perform electrical modifications to prepare the cars for racing.
  • Reflashed the ECUs to remove fault codes and improve performance.
  • Provide trackside support for this series, including data analysis and scrutineering checks.
  • For further information on the services we provide for the Toyota Racing and Toyota 86 (TR86) series, please contact us.


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